Does Changing A Member’s Email Address On Infusionsoft Cause Problems?

There is usually no impact of changing a person’s email address. The full answer depends on whether you collect the person’s email address during ordering.

Let’s consider the 2 main options:

Option A: When Using An Order Form Or Shopping Cart

Orders are matched to a Infusionsoft contact and hence the email address can be changed independently. There will not be any issue with payments on existing orders or new orders.

It is normal practice to set up SubscriptionBoss using either you own self hosted order form or an Infusionsoft order form or shopping cart which collects the email and name before sending the member to PayPal to pay. This means they are set up using their preferred email address and not their PayPal email address.

Option B – When Using A Buy Button With No Form

SubscriptionBoss only uses the PayPal email address and name if you do not collect their details on an order form or shopping cart. This means you have a buy button and nothing else.

The only issue with changing an email could arise was if:

1) You do not collect their details on the order form
2) A member buys with PayPal email address [email protected] and the contact is set up with [email protected]
3) At some point later you change their email address in Infusionsoft to [email protected]
4) Later they make a second purchase using PayPal email [email protected] using just a buy button. This would create new contact for [email protected]

You could get around this by passing in their email address in a hidden field if the person was logged in to a membership site. But if they were on a public site they would present as a new user and hence you would need to move the order manually on to the other account

Therefore this is just one of many reasons why it is better to use an order form/shopping cart so the buyer can use an email address other than their PayPal address.

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