Infusionsoft Spring Update Payment Plan Fix

After the Infusionsoft Spring Update, payment plan creation failed. This problem has been passed to the Infusionsoft Development Team for a bug fix. In the interim, the most helpful Michael Fairchild of Infusionsoft Support promptly came up with a temporary solution that I have verified and then implemented in SubscriptionBoss 1.37.

Required Action

If you are NOT are using payment plans you do NOT need to upgrade.

But if you are using payment plans then you are strongly advised to upgrade to SubscriptionBoss 1.37 as soon as possible.


If you do not upgrade then following will take place for your orders that involve a multi-stage payment plan:

  • The contact is created
  • The order is created
  • The invoice is created
  • The payment plan is NOT created
  • The payment is added
  • The order success action set is NOT run

Due to the lack of a payment plan that defers some part of the payment, the symptoms of this are as follows:

  • The invoice is sent out showing an outstanding balance
  • The Aged Debt Report shows the purchaser as being a debtor
  • Because the order success action is not run, the service may not be provisioned
  • The buyer is not sent to the thank you page

Upgrading to 1.37 fixes these issues as the payment plan will be created and the order success action set run as usual, PROVIDING your Infusionsoft application has a default merchant account.

Default Merchant Account Must Be Present

The default merchant account can be a live, test or dummy account – it just has to be present in Infusionsoft. The default merchant account is not actually used for the payment plan itself as the payment plan is set up with auto-charge off (which is correct as PayPal is doing the charging, not Infusionsoft)

What Else Is In SubscriptionBoss 1.37

Apart from the fix to payment plans SubscriptionBoss 1.37 has the following updates:

  • the latest Infusionsoft API ISDK, 1.8.6
  • cosmetic fixes to the SubscriptionBoss settings page – longer fields reduced from 100 to 80 characters
  • cosmetic fixes to the SubscriptionBoss Edit Subscription page – longer fields reduced from 100 to 80 characters

What’s Next? Multi-Currency Support

The next release of SubscriptionBoss will have limited multi-currency support for those of you that have a single Infusionsoft application running in USD but are selling your products globally and would like to charge customers in their local currency and account for this in Infusionsoft in USD.

For example, when a UK vendor sells to another UK customer and charges her in USD then the both parties are incurring foreign exchanged costs of around 2% when paying with PayPal.

If the vendor can offer a UK customer the ability to pay in GBP then both save the FX costs, and SubscriptionBoss will ensure the transaction is logged as a normal USD purchase in Infusionsoft so there is no additional accounting overhead. It is also more customer-friendly to charge in the customer’s currency so it would be reasonable to expect a reduced order abandonment rate.

From next week I will be running the multi-currency feature on my own Infusionsoft application and once it is stable will make it available to all SubscriptionBoss users in the next release.

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