SubscriptionBoss Supports Shopping Cart Themes

The latest version of SubscriptionBoss, 1.32, has some new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlight is support for the new shopping cart themes; however it also has benefits for those shipping physical products.

New Shopping Cart Themes

With SubscriptionBoss, you can add line of script to your Infusionsoft cart theme so it can handle payments using PayPal for purchases made through Product Bundle links. It is limited to processing a single product and/or a single subscription at the same time.

When you have the product bundle links you can put them on your sales page or in sales emails or wherever you want to make a sale.

Screenshot of Michele themeI personally am using them in my WP Whoosh plugin which sells and installs our premium mobile responsive Genesis themes. With this feature I no longer need to create a new order form for every theme. I can essentially use the same product bundle link and just change the Product ID parameter.

For example, the link takes the buyer to the checkout for the Michele theme.

Enabling Your Shopping Cart Theme For PayPal Subscriptions

Edit your cart theme and add a single line of javascript to the Single Step Bottom Checkout section similar to the following:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Fetching A Product Bundle Link

Navigate to Infusionsoft E-commerce Product Bundle Links, then select the product or subscription and click on the Add To Bundle button. Select Single Step checkout type and your preferred Cart theme. Then check both checkboxes to ensure the order is exactly what you specified in the product bundle link.

[x] Don’t allow these products or subscriptions to be removed from the cart; and

[x] Remove all other products and subscriptions from the cart when this link is clicked.

Then click copy to grab your link, and then use the link on your sales page or in your sales letter.

Shipping Addresses Details

This version of SubscriptionBoss can handle shipping addresses from PayPal, from Infusionsoft web forms, legacy order forms, new order forms, shopping cart skins and shopping cart themes, and from custom forms on your WordPress site. The shipping address now comprises the following information:

  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • State (Region)
  • Country
  • Telephone Number

Screenshot of deciding whether or not to capture the Shipping Address

All you need to do in SubscriptionBoss is go to the Extra Order Information section and click the checkbox Capture shipping address information from form and in the Order Confirmation section decide your PayPal Shipping Address selection as to whether or not the user is allowed to change their shipping address.

Screenshot of choosing PayPal Shipping Address configuration

PayPal IPN Processing Revisited

The changes in the previous release had some benefits, but also had some problems: they failed to cater for handling payments for subscriptions which had since been deleted or renamed in SubscriptionBoss. When SubscriptionBoss could not find a matching subscription it did not process the payment. This logic has changed in this release so the payment gets processed first before any matching of subscription takes place.

The new algorithm goes like this:

  • Is this IPN refer to a payment, refund, payment failure or cancellation?
  • If a payment and its status is completed, then try and process the payment, then try and work out the subscription and if found set up the payment success action
  • If a refund, then try and process the refund, then try and work out the subscription and if found set up the payment refund action
  • If a payment failure, then try and work out the subscription and if found set up the payment failure action
  • If a subscription cancellation, then try and work out the subscription and if found set up the cancellation action
  • If the transaction was processed successfully and there is an an action set to run then run it
  • If the transaction could not be processed and payment driven orders are enabled, then try and derive the subscription. If successful then process the payment creating a contact, order and invoice if required, and run an action set if one is specified

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