How Do I Get Support?

We will support you in the use of the plugin for as long as you are a customer. We cannot offer free support for setting up your Infusionsoft account however, we will however support all aspects of the plugin software.

Once you buy the plugin, you get access to a private membership site where you can ask questions in a support forum.


  1. http://Dejan says


    I have 2 questions:

    1) Does your plugin work also with Infusionsoft shopping cart, i.e. if a buyer puts the recurring-charge product in the shopping cart and then chooses PayPal as the payment option?

    2) Can I handle payment plans through your plugin – i.e. I have a product that costs $750, but it can be paid in three monthly installments of $250?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Dejan
      1) It is possible to do this for a single subscription purchase but not where you have shopping cart with multiple items in it. This is done by including a bit of JavaScript on the page that places a PayPal button alongside the existing buy button. We are thinking of doing this for multiple items, but we are waiting for InfusionSoft to finish their current updates to their software.

      2) Yes – you can do Payment Plans via the plugin.

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