Does SubscriptionBoss Handle Unlimited Billing Cycles?

Question:I am curious if there is a limit to the number of times a charge can recur? We have PayPal subscriptions setup through a different shopping cart, and PayPal will not accept the recurring charge if it is set to unlimited billings, it has to have a limit of 49 billings?

Answer: SubscriptionBoss works happily with PayPal and unlimited billings. The PayPal Express checkout API has no restriction on the number of billings.

PayPal Express Checkout API defines the following rules for TOTALBILLINGCYCLES

For the regular payment period, if no value is specified or the value is 0, the regular payment period continues until the profile is canceled or deactivated.

For the regular payment period, if the value is greater than 0, the regular payment period will expire after the trial period is finished and continue at the billing frequency for TotalBillingCycles cycles.

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