Do 1 Click Upsells Work With SubscriptionBoss?

Question 1 : When someone buys a subscription product using the Infusionsoft/SubscriptionBoss combination, can she be routed back to a 1-click upsell funnel after the initial purchase?

Answer 1 : The short answer is No. PayPal does not support 1 click upsells. PayPal forces you to log in again and verify each transaction. The routing is not the issue here. You can set the URL of the thank you page for a particular product or subscription to be an upsell page. However on clicking the Buy button on the the upsell page it is not a single click to purchase. Instead it involves the following:

  • Buyer logs into PayPal Button
  • Buyer review orders on PayPal and clicks Pay Now button to complete the purchase

You can of course chain the thank you page on the upsell page to another upsell page. And this will involve a further login to PayPal to complete the sale. And so on.

Question 2 : Suppose someone buys a normal product with an upfront price and no recurring fees using paypal. I know Infusionsoft allows this, even without SubscriptionBoss. But then what if we’ve set up an upsell funnel offering products that have recurring fees? Once she buys the main product using paypal, will that prevent the 1-click upsell funnel from appearing? Or can your plugin rescue this situation?

Answer 2 : If the order form for the first product uses SubscriptionBoss then you can send the buyer to a thank you page with the upsell offer with recurring fees. With SubscriptionBoss the buyer can have a choice of Credit Card or PayPal payment method. Again, on the upsell page the buyer will need to log into PayPal a second time to make payment.

You can probably do this using the Infusionsoft/PayPal integration on the first form but I had not tested it.

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