When Is The Order Created When You Have A Free Trial Period?

Question: If you have a subscription that starts with a billing delay, is an order only created in IS when the first payment is taken?


The PayPal Recurring Payment Profile and the Infusionsoft subscription order are created at the time of order.
After the billing delay, two events take place independently; IS creates the first invoice and PayPal takes the first payment.

If the Invoice happens first then SB will match the PayPal payment to the invoice.

If the payment happens first then SB will just park the payment and try and match it later.


  1. Laura Allen says

    I have members with all different billing dates after their free 30 day membership trial. After free trial and first payment 30 days later how can I THEN get all members automatically to bill/process on 1st of month?

    • Hi Laura,
      That is an unusual requirement: it requires giving either free access or no access between the first payment and the next 1st of the month, or creating a pro-rate charge for that period. How di you want it to work?

      • Laura Allen says

        Thanks, Russel! Free access for that ‘between’ time would be fine (actually an extended trial).
        The only way in IS to change the bill/process date is manually after the trial and this has become tricky to track. The membership includes a physical mailing and I want to be able to batch them—thus the same billing date. I’d love to hear your idea/solution.

        • Hi Laura,

          This is a bit easier if you operate as an extended trial which in your example is a trial of between 30 and 59 days depending on the signup date. So if someone sign up in the middle of July then they are billed monthly from the 1st of September.

          I will add more option into SubscriptionBoss to set the first billing date for the recurring payment profile.

          Option 1) After x days (x day free trial)
          Option 2) Minimum of x days then choose the next nth day of the month
          Option 3) On a specific date (this is used typically for tickets for events – Pay X now then 2 payments of Y on specific dates before the event)

          Currently SB supports just the first method but I will add the other two this week for the next release.

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