SubscriptionBoss 1.14 Integrates With Infusionsoft Order Forms and Shopping Cart

The main focus of this release of SubscriptionBoss is integration with the Infusionsoft ordering process so that PayPal can be offered as a payment option for subscriptions and product plans:


Please note that the SubscriptionBoss 1.14 release requires you are running at least PHP 5.3 which has been available since June 2009. If you are running PHP 5.2 then the calculation of the start date of the PayPal agreement will fail and the buyer will see an error and the order will fail. Please do not update to SB 1.14 until you have upgraded to a recent stable release of PHP such as 5.3.13 or 5.4.3 from the PHP download site.

New Features

The new features focus on making the set up of Subscriptions easier and faster by integrating with Infusionsoft more closely.

PayPal Subscriptions and Infusionsoft Hosted Order Forms

If you have a lot of existing order forms and are currently only offering a credit card payment option for your subscriptions then why not add PayPal as a payment option as this will typically boost your existing revenue by up to 20%? All you need to do is spend 5-10 minutes setting up the subscription on SubscriptionBoss and then paste some ‘swipe copy’ Javascript into the Page Footer section of the order form on Infusionsoft and you’re done! Follow the link at the top of the page for more information or check on the SubscriptionBoss Video Tutorial on YouTube

PayPal Subscriptions in the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart

If you use the Infusionsoft shopping cart and are currently only offering a credit card payment option for your subscriptions then why not add PayPal as a payment option? All you need to do is spend 5-10 minutes setting up the subscription on SubscriptionBoss and then paste some ‘swipe copy’ Javascript into the Bottom HTML section for the product on Infusionsoft and you’re done! Follow the shopping cart link near the top of the page for more information.

SubscriptionBoss Enhancements

These enhancements are about reducing scope for manual error and improving security.

Easier Handling of Contact, Billing and Shipping Address Fields

Often you want to collect contact and address information from the user on a form rather than just use the contact details associated with the buyer’s PayPal account. Prior to this release you used to have to list out all the contact and address fields in the the Extra Order Information section of the Edit Subscription page on SubscriptionBoss.

This has been simplified by the introduction of three checkboxes so you just need a single click.

  • Capture contact information from form
  • Capture billing address information from form
  • Capture shipping address information from form

You will only need to complete the Custom Fields box if you have additional fields beyond the contact, billing address and shipping address information. Watch the video tutorial on YouTube

Support for Legacy or New Web Form Builders Fields

With this release both form field naming formats are supported: legacy form fields where fields are prefixed by “Contact0” and the newer webform builder where fields are prefixed by “inf_field_” or “inf_custom_”

Improved Security Of SubscriptionBoss Options

Following a request by a user who has given cPanel access to an outsourcer, and hence implied access to the database I have encoded the SubscriptionBoss options entry in the wp_options table.

PayPal and Infusionsoft API keys are now held in a scrambled format and hence not susceptible to be viewed in plain text through a simple SQL enquiry. Go the settings page and press Save to benefit from this security feature.

Maintenance Features

These updates are to do with keeping SubscriptionBoss up to date with changes on PayPal and Infusionsoft.

Update to latest Infusionsoft ISDK 1.7.7

SubscriptionBoss 1.14 uses the latest Infusionsoft API as published in March 2012.

Update list of PayPal IPN server addresses

PayPal has updated its list of IPN server address so the SubscriptionBoss settings page has been updated to reflect this. If you are using the PayPal IP address checking feature than you should check the following addresses are on the list, and For more see the full list of PayPal IP addresses and pay attention to the section.

Bug Fixes

These fixes are about improving software quality and hence improving the user experience.

Fix infrequent bug with start time of recurring profiles

An Australian user hosting in the USA reported an issue regarding the start time of a PayPal profile which was required to start immediately. This has now been fixed in SubscriptionBoss by implementing the profile with an Initial Payment of the monthly amount and the next profile payment in 30 days (for a monthly subscription) . Note that no changes are required to your subscription set-up on SubscriptionBoss: this just happens automatically under the covers when you set up a subscription with a billing delay of 0 (zero) days.

Improved validation of product and subscription names sent to PayPal

PayPal restricts product/subscription name and descriptions to use only 128-byte ASCII characters. When saving this information SubscriptionBoss now sanitizes these fields so they are handled correctly by PayPal.

Fix error message in the Secondary IPN listener field

There was a bug where there SubscriptionBoss displayed an “not a valid URL” error message in the Secondary IPN Listener field on the Settings page when the field was blank. This has been fixed.

Fix bug when deleting multiple IPNs

On the Notifications page, the Bulk Actions dropdown at the foot of the list of IPNs was not “wired up” so was being ignored. This has been fixed so you can use the bulk actions via the buttons at the top or bottom of the list of IPNs.

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