Imminent SubscriptionBoss Enhancements

The next set of enhancements to SubscriptionBoss satisfies quite a mixed bag of requests that have come up this year since the Winter Release of Infusionsoft. I therefore decided to break it down into 3 releases.

  • SB 1.13 – Minor Enhancements to Order Processing, Affiliate Code handling and IPN processing
  • SB 1.14 – Javascript Swipe Code for integration of PayPal buttons on Infusionsoft hosted Order Forms and the Shopping Cart
  • SB 1.15 – Payment Driven Orders and support for new and existing PayPal Subscriptions (Subscription Buttons in addition to Recurring Payments)

SubscriptionBoss 1.13 Features

This set of enhancements is being released first as it does not require much additional documentation.

Order Processing: Passing Parameters To The Thank You Page

If you decide to configure your thank you page as an upsell then you probably want to pass through the details of the original order. With SB 1.13 you can pass both the details of the contact and the details of the product that was ordered. Click the checkbox on the Edit Subscription page as shown below:

screenshot of Subscription page

Affiliate Code Enabled PayPal Buttons

This technique can be used instead of, or in addition to, affiliate cookies. What you want to do it pass the affiliate code in a hidden form field to Subscription Boss. Rather than do this programatically or manually in HTML you can give the subb-button short code a parameter.

For example, to set “johnboy” as the affiliate code for the PayPal button then use:

[ subb-button subscription=”gold” affiliate=”johnboy”]

Note: a space has been added after the square bracket above to avoid the short code being translated.

Rather than hard-coding the affiliate code as above you can pass in the affiliate code to the page that uses the shortcode in a number of ways and then tell the subb-button shortcode where to find the affiliate code:

  • if the affiliate code is on the querystring then use: [ subb-button subscription=”gold” affiliate=”$_GET”]
  • if the affiliate code is passed from a form then use: [ subb-button subscription=”gold” affiliate=”$_POST”]
  • if the affiliate code is in a session variable then use: [ subb-button subscription=”gold” affiliate=”$_SESSION”]
    • Note: Remember to remove the extra space after the square bracket when you place your subb-button on your site.

      IPN Forwarding

      PayPal has a necessary restriction that one URL can be specified as the default IPN listener. However some clients want to have some IPNs relating to subscriptions to be sent to SubscriptionBoss and others for single payments to be sent to Infusionsoft.

      To resolve this the SB IPN processor now has a forwarding facility: so if an IPN refers to a subscription then it will process it, however if the IPN is not related to a subscription then it can forward the IPN to another URL for processing. This URL could be either Infusionsoft or a custom script.

      The URL of the listener is entered on the Settings page:

      screenshot of Subscription page

      IPN E-Check Handling

      SubscriptionBoss used to report an error for the second of the two IPNs that it receives for e-checks. The first IPN is typically received with a status of “Pending”; and the then the second IPN arrives 3-5 days later with a status of “Completed” or “Failed”. SB used to report a “Duplicate Transaction” error for this.

      In this release SB handles this correctly in that the “Duplicate Transaction checking” considers the PaymentStatus as well as the TransactionId and TransactionType. The second IPN with the status of “Completed” is now processed correctly and will cause the payment to logged against the invoice on Infusionsoft

      IPN MassPay Handling

      SubscriptionBoss used to report an “Invalid Receiver Email Address” for MassPay IPNs. Since MassPay IPNs refers to outgoing rather than incoming payments this logic was incorrect. SB no longer reports errors for MassPay IPNs.

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