Submitting Orders Using the Infusionsoft API

These instructions are for SubscriptionBoss users who are currently using the ‘WebForm’ method of submitting orders to Infusionsoft and want to switch to using the API method which requires less setup.
If you wish to have affiliate sales, you will need to use this method.
The minimum version of SubscriptionBoss that has this feature is 1.0.

Instead of specifying a webform, the new method requires you to supply two values:

  1. The action set to run on a successful order
  2. The thank you page to display after the action set has run

You can find both these values from the webform.

The steps are:

  1. Log in to Infusionsoft and click on Misc | Webforms
  2. Click to edit the webform you are using for this subscription
  3. Click on the Set Up Actions tab
  4. You should see 2 actions; the first is Create an Order; and the second should be a “Run x Actions”, a chained action set
  5. Click on the Edit button alongside the second step
  6. The action set name and the steps are displayed. What you need is the ID of this action set. The quickest way to do this is to click the Edit button. This causes a popup window to display the action set and you can see the ID of the action set is displayed in the window title (at least in Safari). The other way to find the Action Set ID is to note the name and then looking up the action set from Misc | Action Sets
  7. Type 3, 4 or 5 digit Action Set number into the “Success Action Set” field in SubscriptionBoss
  8. Back on Infusionsoft Click on the Set Up Thank You Page tab
  9. Copy and paste the thank you URL from Infusionsoft to the “Thank You Page” field on SubscriptionBoss
  10. On SubscriptionBoss clear the Infusion XID and InfusionName fields


  1. http://Dan says

    What steps do you take now to find the action step ID given the new interface?

    I thought I found it but the action set does not seem to occur after a successful purchase.

    • http://Russell says

      Hi Dan,

      You can get the action set ID (a number) from the URL when you edit that action set.

      There are a two action sets to consider:

      “Order Success Action Set”: after completion of a successful order

      “Payment Success Action Set”: after successful application of a recurring payment to an invoice

      The first of these is typically exactly the same action set you associate with a successful credit card order; the second is typically only used when you are resuming access automatically to a membership having paused it earlier due to payment failures

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