Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Terminology

This article deals with subscription terminology; that used by PayPal, by Infusionsoft and by the SubscriptionBoss plugin.

PayPal Terminology

PayPal “recurring payment agreements” allow you to take recurring payments for an fixed or open ended number of payments

PayPal “cart” items allow you to take immediate one-time payments

PayPal “Subscriptions” are handled by SubscriptionBoss only if you enable the Payment Driven Orders feature. These subscription agreements are set up directly on PayPal using buttons. However SubscriptionBoss can process the PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) to process the payments and matches them against invoices.

Infusionsoft Terminology

Infusionsoft “subscription orders” that allow create periodic invoices for an open ended number of payments

Infusionsoft “product orders” items allow you to create am immediate invoices for fixed cost items with or without a payment plan

SubscriptionBoss Subscriptions

In SubscriptionBoss a “subscription” is identified by a unique subscription ID and provides the glue between the product and/or subscription on Infusionsoft and the product purchase and/or recurring payment profile on PayPal

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