Features of SubscriptionBoss

SubscriptionBoss is a WordPress plugin that integrates PayPal recurring payments with Infusionsoft subscriptions and product payment plans. And even if you don’t use WordPress currently, you can benefit from all that SubscriptionBoss offers by simply adding a single WordPress site to your existing system.

What You Need Before You Can Start Using SubscriptionBoss

  • PayPal business or premier account
  • Infusionsoft Plus Edition (marketing plus ecommerce)
  • A web site (any technology such as WordPress, Drupal. Joomla, HTML, etc) offering a subscription product
  • A single WordPress site with the SubscriptionBoss plugin installed to act as gateway between PayPal and Infusionsoft with an installed SSL certificate to secure the transmitted customer information

SubscriptionBoss’s Features

  • Automated ordering of any subscription products bought using PayPal
  • Delay before first billing date. This is optional.
  • Single click order form, (order form need only contain a button as buyer details are taken from PayPal automatically).
  • Customized order forms, (include any additional fields you need to collect at time of order).
  • Automatic creation of a person record in Infusionsoft.
  • Automatic creation of a subscription order on Infusionsoft.
  • Automatic allocation of PayPal payments against Infusionsoft invoices.
  • Automatic activation of your Infusionsoft cancellation action set when a subscriber cancels his PayPal subscription.
  • Automatic activation of your payment failure, payment success and payment refund action sets on Infusionsoft whenever a
    payment event takes place.
  • Dashboard to view all PayPal notifications, (new subscriptions, payments, cancellation, skipped payments, refunds, reversed payments, etc).
  • Ability to reprocess payments both automatically and manually, (useful when a PayPal payment is made before Infusionsoft raises the invoice).
  • Ability to apply seller or destination based sales tax. This is optional.
  • All transactions between the SubscriptionBoss and both PayPal and Infusionsoft are sent securely over SSL.