Limited Support For Coupon Codes

Coupon codes only work in a limited fashion. the coupon code is set up in Infusionsoft and a product or product category discount is created for that coupon code which can be a percentage of the order or a fixed amount the coupon is always applied – the buyer arrives at the order form and […]

How To Exclude Certain IPN Transaction Types

With SubscriptionBoss v1.45.2 you can exclude the processing of certain transaction types or payment statuses. You might want to do this if you have other software that is processing PayPal IPNs and SubscriptionBoss is acting as a secondary IPN listener. All you need to do is list the transaction types you wish SubscriptionBoss to ignore. […]

How To Set Up A One Dollar 30 Day Trial

​Infusionsoft does not allow a $1 trial so this is implemented as a bundle of a monthly subscription with a 30 day Free Trial and a $1 product. Shopping Cart With Free Trial Promotion This is what the shopping cart looks like. Click any image below to view an enlarged screenshot. How To Set Up […]

How To Handle Affiliate Sales With Infusionsoft and SubscriptionBoss

There are 4 ways of setting up affiliate sales through Infusionsoft and SubscriptionBoss. The default behavior is for it to work straight out of the box. No setup is required other than setting up the Referral program in Infusionsoft. However if you have a more complex setup involving a checkout that does NOT take place […]

How To Handle PayPal Payment Failures Automatically

PayPal will make up to three payment attempts with 5 days between each attempt. PayPal notifies SubscriptionBoss of the payment failure with a PayPal IPN. You can configure SubscriptionBoss to run an action set on both payment failure and payment success in the Payment Event Actions section of the subscription. Campaign For Handling A Subscription […]

How To Find Your Merchant Account ID

Go to ECommerce Settings Click On Merchant Accounts Choose the Merchant Account of interest – a window will pop up Make the window wider so you can see the whole of the URL in the address bar The Merchant Account ID is the number after ID= in the URL querystring The ID can then be […]

How To Resolve PayPal Payments With No Order On Infusionsoft

This scenario is one where the buyer makes the order and payment is taken but the order is not updated in Infusionsoft due to a technical failure of some sort. So the buyer will have paid but not received the service. This happened today, Friday 12th September 2014, when Infusionsoft updated their SSL certificate at […]

How To Move SubscriptionBoss To Another Domain

SubscriptionBoss is licensed for a specific domain and the plugin will not operate on a different domain. A new version of the plugin needs to be installed on the new domain. The following will consider the most far-reaching example where you are moving the entire sales funnel from one domain to another. SSL Certificate Firstly, […]

How To Integrate Infusionsoft Product Bundle Links With SubscriptionBoss

Scott asks: Is it possible to create a subscription that has someone pay for two products: that is a single link that can send someone to make a PayPal order for Product A and Product B? Russell answered: Yes, you can. Infusionsoft Product Bundle Setup In Infusionsoft go to Ecommerce > Products > Product Bundle […]

How To Upgrade From PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3

In order to use the latest version of SubscriptionBoss, version 1.34, then you need to run at least PHP 5.3. The first user who updated the plugin to Subscription 1.33 encountered problems due to low level API errors but on upgrading from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3 the problems were resolved. I decided it was […]