The SubscriptionBoss Six Step Setup

There are 6 steps involved in setting up the plugin for your first subscription – each step takes around 10 minutes and the whole setup can be completed in an hour.

The second, and any subsequent subscriptions, will take around 5-10 minutes.

Before you can start running PayPal subscription payments through Infusionsoft you’ll need to set up both your PayPal and Infusionsoft accounts, and also set up the SubscriptionBoss plugin.

Install The Plugin

The first step in this sequence is simple. First you purchase the plugin – normally via the $1 trial. Once you’ve signed up to buy the plugin (either full, or trial), you are sent an email which gives you access to the private membership support forum.

Once you are logged into the membership site, the plugin can be found on the membership site dashboard – you can download it from there.

To activate the plugin you have to enter your license key (which is also supplied to you in the forum.)

Prepare Your PayPal Account

In order for SubscriptionBoss to work, it needs to be able to communicate with your PayPal account and it does this via Express Checkout. If you haven’t already enabled Express Checkout on your Paypal Account you’ll need to do that. Your PayPal account must be a business account.

You should end up with three pieces of text information that you can then input into the SubscriptionBoss plugin settings page. These are your :

  1. API username
  2. API Password
  3. API Signature

After you purchase SubscriptionBoss, we’ll provide you with full instructions for locating this information within PayPal.

Prepare Your Infusionsoft Account

There are a couple of things you need to do to your Infusionsoft account to ready it for use with the plugin.

  1. Within your Infusionsoft account you will need to add PayPal as a payment type (to differentiate it from, for example, checks, credit card, or money order payments). When you add PayPal it will be as a custom payment type.
  2. Next you’ll add specific custom fields to the contact, subscription and order records so that you can cross-reference the PayPal transactions within Infusionsoft.
  3. You’ll also need to copy your Infusionsoft Encrypted Key which is saved on theSubscriptionBoss plugin settings page.

Create a Subscription Order Form

This step creates a webform that the plugin uses to communicate the subscription order once the buyer has paid on PayPal

  1. The Webform comprises first name, last name, email address, PayPal transaction ID and PayPal profile id, plus any other custom fields you require for the subscription.
  2. The success action incorporate two steps; the first to create the subscription order; the second to run the same action set as when a credit card order is processed successfully
  3. Lastly, specify the thank you page.

Subscription Configuration

This stage provides the glue between the PayPal subscription and the Infusionsoft subscription.

  1. Set up a subscription ID and description for use in the plugin – the ID is used when you put a PayPal Buy Now button on the page, post or widget
  2. Add any set up charge for the subscription (amount, id, name and description)
  3. Add the recurring up charge for the subscription (amount, id, name, description and any delay until the first billing )
  4. Identify the webform that is associated with this subscription
  5. Identify the action set you want to run if the user cancels this subscription
  6. Identify the action set you want to run if the user misses a payment for this subscription

End to End Testing

Buy the subscription, check out all that it all works, then cancel and check out access to your subscription is removed.

  1. Put a PayPal button on the page using the SubscriptionBoss short code
  2. Buy your own subscription
  3. Verify you get the confirmed opt-in, welcome email and get added to your follow up sequence
  4. Check on WordPress on the SubscriptionBoss List Notifications page, that it is showing the set up of the PayPal Agreement and the first payment
  5. Check on Infusionsoft that the first invoice is matched with the first PayPal payment
  6. Then cancel the agreement on PayPal and check that your Cancellation Action Set is activated

Full Instructions Will Be Provided

This is just an overview of the set up process. After purchasing the plugin, you will receive step by step instructions on doing the set up so that you can do your own set up.

The advantage of this is that your setup won’t cost anything but time. However, if you need help – say you only do some of the setup yourself and you need someone to finish it for you – or you prefer that someone else does the install, you can hire an Infusionsoft consultant or come to us for help in getting set up. The choice is yours.