SubscriptionBoss Installation On Main Site, Sub-folder Or Subdomain?

Is it better to have a sub domain and associate that with the SSL or will a folder do? What’s the best practice in doing this? Do you have a vendor you recommend? Main Site, Subdomain or Subfolder? There is not a best practice as such – it is whatever makes most sense to your […]

How To Enable The SubscriptionBoss Debug Log

If you have problems with connectivity from your WordPress site, either to Infusionsoft, PayPal or the SubscriptionBoss license server then you may want to enable the debug log temporarily to obtain better diagnostics about the problem. The debug log will collect details of all the transactions so for reasons of data security you should periodically […]

Increase Your Subscription Income With PayPal in Summer 2012

I just wanted to give you a sneak preview into plans for SubscriptionBoss over the summer months. My aim is to drive the plugin forward strongly, making it easier to use, easier to integrate with legacy PayPal agreements without having to cancel and restart them, and automate the process for adding new subscription products. The […]

Submitting Orders Using the Infusionsoft API

These instructions are for SubscriptionBoss users who are currently using the ‘WebForm’ method of submitting orders to Infusionsoft and want to switch to using the API method which requires less setup. If you wish to have affiliate sales, you will need to use this method. The minimum version of SubscriptionBoss that has this feature is […]

How Long Does It Take To Get The Plugin Running?

Assuming you already have your subscription product set up in Infusionsoft, it will take probably take you between one and two hours to set up SubscriptionBoss and do the tests to make sure everything is working. Once the setup is done – it is a once only task – it is relatively easy to add […]

Is An Infusionsoft Guru Required To Set This Up?

Infusionsoft gurus are great but no – in this case you must be able to follow some step by step instructions. You should be able to so this without help as long as your Infusionsoft account is set up well – it’s also helpful if you’re familiar with your Infusionsoft account. Infusionsoft itself is a […]