Infusionsoft Spring Update Shopping Cart Fix

The Infusionsoft Spring Update changed the rules regarding the display of a PayPal option in the Shopping Cart. Where Has The PayPal Payment Option Gone? Previously there was a Hide PayPal for subscriptions checkbox under Payment Options which you needed to clear to show the PayPal option for subscriptions and payment plans. Now Infusionsoft checks […]

How To Integrate Infusionsoft Product Bundle Links With SubscriptionBoss

Scott asks: Is it possible to create a subscription that has someone pay for two products: that is a single link that can send someone to make a PayPal order for Product A and Product B? Russell answered: Yes, you can. Infusionsoft Product Bundle Setup In Infusionsoft go to Ecommerce > Products > Product Bundle […]

SubscriptionBoss Supports Shopping Cart Themes

The latest version of SubscriptionBoss, 1.32, has some new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlight is support for the new shopping cart themes; however it also has benefits for those shipping physical products. New Shopping Cart Themes With SubscriptionBoss, you can add line of script to your Infusionsoft cart theme so it can handle […]

PayPal Subscriptions In The Infusionsoft Shopping Cart

In the Infusionsoft shopping cart for single purchases of a subscription or a product with a single or multi stage payment plan, you can now add a PayPal payment option to the shopping cart using SubscriptionBoss 1.14. How To Set Up The PayPal Payment Option On your WordPress site where you have SubscriptionBoss installed then […]