How Does SubscriptionBoss Handle An Upsell From One Tier To Another?

PayPal Recurring Agreement Limitations If a monthly subscriber decides to upgrade their membership tier SubscriptionBoss cannot just tweak the monthly agreement to reflect the new amount. This is because SubscriptionBoss is limited by PayPal’s rules for PayPal Express Checkout API so you cannot significantly change an existing agreement. (unless the increase in the amount is […]

Does SubscriptionBoss Handle Unlimited Billing Cycles?

Question:I am curious if there is a limit to the number of times a charge can recur? We have PayPal subscriptions setup through a different shopping cart, and PayPal will not accept the recurring charge if it is set to unlimited billings, it has to have a limit of 49 billings? Answer: SubscriptionBoss works happily […]

PayPal Subscriptions In The Infusionsoft Shopping Cart

In the Infusionsoft shopping cart for single purchases of a subscription or a product with a single or multi stage payment plan, you can now add a PayPal payment option to the shopping cart using SubscriptionBoss 1.14. How To Set Up The PayPal Payment Option On your WordPress site where you have SubscriptionBoss installed then […]

PayPal IPN Listener Conflict Resolution

The PayPal Recurring Payments system has a limitation in that it does not allow you to specify a notify_url parameter so you can tell PayPal to send instant payment notifications (IPNs) to a specific URL for each subscription product. Instead all IPNs are sent to a default URL that you set up statically by logging […]