How To Exclude Certain IPN Transaction Types

With SubscriptionBoss v1.45.2 you can exclude the processing of certain transaction types or payment statuses. You might want to do this if you have other software that is processing PayPal IPNs and SubscriptionBoss is acting as a secondary IPN listener. All you need to do is list the transaction types you wish SubscriptionBoss to ignore. […]

Gross Chargeback Amounts

Where PayPal reports a reversal, the chargeback amount mc_gross is the amount as charged to the vendor, this excludes the fee that was charged on the original transaction. Up until v1.45.1, SubscriptionBoss treated this gross amount as the amount refunded to the buyer, and hence for some transaction it did not report a full refund […]

Chargebacks and Chargeback Reversals Now Supported in SubscriptionBoss v1.45.2

SubscriptionBoss 1.45.2 is ready for release. IMPORTANT: Latest IonCube Loader 6.x Required Please note that SubscriptionBoss 1.45.2 uses the latest IonCube Encoder and therefore IonCube Loader 6.x is required. The legacy IonCube Loader 4.x and 5.x are unable to run the latest version of the plugin so you must ensure you are running IonCube loader […]

PayPal Instant Payment Notification Warning

Once in a while you may get an email from PayPal with subject “PayPal Instant Payment Notification Warning” indicating the IPNs are failing Generally this only happens if: the wrong URL is specified as the PayPal IPN Listener; or there is something blocking the page such as an incorrect .htaccess rule; or your server is […]

What Are These PayPal Notification Emails?

Damian asked: I joined Subscription Boss & set it up, looks to be working correctly, but what is this email? Array ([paypal_ipn] => a:32:{ s:19:”transaction_subject”;s:0:””; s:12:”payment_date”;s:25:”00:21:58 Feb 22, 2014 PST”; s:8:”txn_type”;s:16:”express_checkout”;s:9:”last_name”;s:3:”Doe”; s:17:”residence_country”;s:2:”US”; s:9:”item_name”;s:32:”Setup Charge for Test Membership”; s:13:”payment_gross”;s:4:”0.25″;s:11:”mc_currency”;s:3:”USD”; s:12:”payment_type”;s:7:”instant”; s:22:”protection_eligibility”;s:10:”Ineligible”; s:11:”verify_sign”;s:56:”AFd.erwt7Voes2Mr85yut0RloHozAkJHPfCa2lg4u3m6Y5IcLKQuileb”; s:12:”payer_status”;s:8:”verified”;s:3:”tax”;s:4:”0.00″; s:11:”payer_email”;s:18:”[email protected]”; s:6:”txn_id”;s:17:”9R38147904376032U”;s:8:”quantity”;s:1:”1″; s:14:”receiver_email”;s:20:”[email protected]”; s:10:”first_name”;s:6:”John”;s:8:”payer_id”;s:13:”CJDGDQKUM9E6A”; s:11:”receiver_id”;s:13:”C82923HX5D2″;s:11:”item_number”;s:0:””; s:19:”payer_business_name”;s:15:”Cool Stuff”; s:15:”handling_amount”;s:4:”0.00″; s:14:”payment_status”;s:9:”Completed”; s:11:”payment_fee”;s:4:”0.25″;s:6:”mc_fee”;s:4:”0.25″; s:8:”shipping”;s:4:”0.00″;s:8:”mc_gross”;s:4:”0.25″; s:6:”custom”;s:7:”p8:test”; s:7:”charset”;s:12:”windows-1252″; […]

What If We Already Using The IPN Notification URL?

Question: I would like to know if SB require the IPN notification URL to be set in Paypal located an: My Account/Profile/Selling preferences/Instant Payment Notification preferences Because we already have an integration using the IPN notification URL, and because there is only 1 possible URL/account, our concern is that we would need a second PayPal […]

Improvements To PayPal IPN Processing in SubscriptionBoss 1.34

There were a handful of improvements to the algorithm for handling PayPal IPNs. Please note you need to be running at least PHP 5.3 They covered a number of issues: Potential addition of duplicate payments to invoices when either the WordPress site or Infusionsoft was running really slowly Payment dates being in UCT or Greenwich […]

SubscriptionBoss Supports Shopping Cart Themes

The latest version of SubscriptionBoss, 1.32, has some new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlight is support for the new shopping cart themes; however it also has benefits for those shipping physical products. New Shopping Cart Themes With SubscriptionBoss, you can add line of script to your Infusionsoft cart theme so it can handle […]

PayPal IPN Handling Improvements

With SubscriptionBoss 1.31 the PayPal IPN processing was updated in line with the latest PayPal recommendations. A few users have reported issues recently with an increase in the number of duplicate IPNs being sent by PayPal. The resending of the IPNs is symptomatic of the acknowledgements not being received by PayPal in a timely fashion. […]

Payment Driven Orders

What Is A Payment Driven Order? The Payment Driven Orders feature, new in release 1.28 of SubscriptionBoss, integrates PayPal payments, orders and contacts into Infusionsoft for orders that were NOT originated via SubscriptionBoss. These will typically be: pre-existing PayPal subscriptions and recurring payment plans; or new subscriptions set up using PayPal Product or Subscription Buttons […]