Infusionsoft Spring Update Payment Plan Fix

After the Infusionsoft Spring Update, payment plan creation failed. This problem has been passed to the Infusionsoft Development Team for a bug fix. In the interim, the most helpful Michael Fairchild of Infusionsoft Support promptly came up with a temporary solution that I have verified and then implemented in SubscriptionBoss 1.37. Required Action If you […]

Can A User Cancel A PayPal Payment Plan?

We wanted to know if there’s a difference in the way money is collected, between “payment plan” vs “subscription” service. Example we want to sell a product with a payment plan: – Product A = 300$ – plan = 3 payments of 100$ after 30days x 3 – with an immediate charge of 15$ I’ve […]

Subscription Boss 1.12 Released With Payment Plan Bug Fix and Enhancements

The Subscription Boss 1.12 release has an important bug fix and a few enhancements. Who Should Upgrade? The bug fix is important for those who are using payment plans. Unprocessed Payment Plan Payments Since the Infusionsoft e-commerce updates in January 2012 the PayPal Profile ID has not been stored on the Infusionsoft Order and hence […]