My Main Site Is Joomla Can I Use SubscriptionBoss?

You can leave your existing sales site on Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress or even Facebook and set up a separate WordPress installation to act as gateway between PayPal and Infusionsoft. Installation Options About 10% of our clients use SubscriptionBoss in this way where it is installed as part of a dedicated WordPress installation in either in […]

SubscriptionBoss 1.14 Integrates With Infusionsoft Order Forms and Shopping Cart

The main focus of this release of SubscriptionBoss is integration with the Infusionsoft ordering process so that PayPal can be offered as a payment option for subscriptions and product plans: PayPal on Infusionsoft hosted order forms PayPal in the Infusionsoft shopping cart Requirements Please note that the SubscriptionBoss 1.14 release requires you are running at […]

Can I Place My Buy Now Links Anywhere?

Yes you can! You can place links to your subscription payment pages anywhere! That’s one of the advantages of SubscriptionBoss. For example you can place links directly in On your sales pages – anywhere, on WordPress or otherwise Twitter Tweets FaceBook Pages Email Newsletters Email Signatures Web 2.0 Properties Forum Signatures For example in a […]

How Can I Use The SubscriptionBoss Plugin If I Don’t Use WordPress?

You don’t yet use WordPress? Absolutely no problem! The way that SubscriptionBoss has been designed has made it possible for any Infusionsoft user to use the plugin. Please note that InfusionPP is the old name for SubscriptionBoss – they are the same plugin for the purposes of this video You simply create a blank WordPress […]