Strict MIME Type Checking Issue

From v1.45.2 onwards, SubscriptionBoss javascripts loaded into Infusionsoft forms have their the content type explicitly set as “application/javascript”. In previous releases, the content type was not assigned and was defaulting to “text/html”. This caused a problem if strict MIME type checking was enabled. One user reported SubscriptionBoss scripts not loading on Infusionsoft forms with the […]

How Easy Is It To Set Up MultiCurrency Support On SubscriptionBoss?

Let’s consider a scenario where the vendor’s Infusionsoft is set in the local currency of NZD (New Zealand Dollar). However the vendor wants products and subscriptions in various currencies eg. NZD, EUR, GBP and USD where the payment method is PayPal. How Multicurrency Works Firstly, note that each ​Infusionsoft application only supports a single currency […]

How To Set Up A One Dollar 30 Day Trial

​Infusionsoft does not allow a $1 trial so this is implemented as a bundle of a monthly subscription with a 30 day Free Trial and a $1 product. Shopping Cart With Free Trial Promotion This is what the shopping cart looks like. Click any image below to view an enlarged screenshot. How To Set Up […]

Do 1 Click Upsells Work With SubscriptionBoss?

Question 1 : When someone buys a subscription product using the Infusionsoft/SubscriptionBoss combination, can she be routed back to a 1-click upsell funnel after the initial purchase? Answer 1 : The short answer is No. PayPal does not support 1 click upsells. PayPal forces you to log in again and verify each transaction. The routing […]

Integrating PayPal Subscriptions with Kajabi Using SubscriptionBoss

Yes, you can integrate SubscriptionBoss with Kajabi in several ways. You can use this approach for sales of PayPal subscriptions and single and multi-stage payment plans for products. Kajabi lets you to create private content portals and sell access to them. It manages the whole soup-to-nuts process through sales, ordering and delivery of content. I […]

PayPal Subscriptions In The Infusionsoft Shopping Cart

In the Infusionsoft shopping cart for single purchases of a subscription or a product with a single or multi stage payment plan, you can now add a PayPal payment option to the shopping cart using SubscriptionBoss 1.14. How To Set Up The PayPal Payment Option On your WordPress site where you have SubscriptionBoss installed then […]

PayPal Payment Option on Infusionsoft Hosted Order Forms

With the improved integration of SubscriptionBoss 1.14 with Infusionsoft, you can now add a PayPal payment option to Infusionsoft hosted order forms. How To Set Up The PayPal Payment Option On your WordPress site where you have SubscriptionBoss installed then select the subscription and enter the URL of the order form in the Infusionsoft Order […]

SubscriptionBoss 1.14 Integrates With Infusionsoft Order Forms and Shopping Cart

The main focus of this release of SubscriptionBoss is integration with the Infusionsoft ordering process so that PayPal can be offered as a payment option for subscriptions and product plans: PayPal on Infusionsoft hosted order forms PayPal in the Infusionsoft shopping cart Requirements Please note that the SubscriptionBoss 1.14 release requires you are running at […]