How To Do You Cancel A PayPal Subscription?

Question:We’ve had a customer request to cancel a monthly subscription that is set up with PayPal payments through Subscription Boss. I have made the subscription inactive in the Infusionsoft customer record. Will the recurring payments get automatically cancelled at PayPal, or do I need to go to PayPal and manually cancel the recurring payments profile […]

When Does The Subscription Cancellation Action Set Run?

Question: If the user cancels the subscription from PayPal, does the cancellation actionset run immediately or at end of billing cycle? Answer: The action set runs immediately. You can ‘handle’ cancellation in 3 ways: Cancel immediately with no pro-rating Cancel immediately with pro-rating Cancel at then end of the billing period No Prorating of Charges […]

How Do I Cancel My Subscription

One of the things we love about PayPal is the control it gives to the customer. If your plugin subscription was made via PayPal, all you have to do is go into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription. This will result in the plugin license being withdrawn, and your account no longer being charged.