How To Handle Affiliate Sales With Infusionsoft and SubscriptionBoss

There are 4 ways of setting up affiliate sales through Infusionsoft and SubscriptionBoss. The default behavior is for it to work straight out of the box. No setup is required other than setting up the Referral program in Infusionsoft. However if you have a more complex setup involving a checkout that does NOT take place […]

How Can I Integrate Premise with Infusionsoft?

Question: I am using Premise for my membership site. I’m also using a third-party InfusionSoft integration plugin to pass back various information but after conversations with the plugin developer and Infusionsoft, it seems to breakdown when it comes to passing and attributing any sales information to referral partners I thought I’d get in touch in […]

Does SubscriptionBoss Work If You Have An Affiliate Program?

Question: I am assuming Subscriptionboss works if you have an affiliate or referral program set up, correct? Answer: Yes. No additional set up is required. Just use the default settings. The SB script will look for an affiliate cookie and associate it with the order. You can also pass the affiliate code on the URL […]

Membership Site Has Moved

Over the weekend of 15th-16th September we have moved the membership site onto the same domain as this site: it is now located at All old URLs should be redirected automatically to the new locations. As part of the move, the new release of SubscriptionBoss, 1.23, refers to the new location of the membership […]

Increase Your Subscription Income With PayPal in Summer 2012

I just wanted to give you a sneak preview into plans for SubscriptionBoss over the summer months. My aim is to drive the plugin forward strongly, making it easier to use, easier to integrate with legacy PayPal agreements without having to cancel and restart them, and automate the process for adding new subscription products. The […]