Incredibly Easy To Install And Optimize

Carter Thomas of has added PayPal as a payment method for his app development business. Here is what Carter had to say about the experience: Almost 50% of my orders come through PayPal so adding this option to my subscription service made total sense. While I thought it would be complicated, Russell’s documentation and […]

Say Goodbye To Lost PayPal Sales

Steve Cook of has added PayPal as a payment method for his monthly and annual subscriptions to his Foreign Exchange Trading business. Here is what Steve had to say about the experience: SubscriptionBoss is an absolutely fantastic plugin. We have had so many sales through PayPal since implementing it. I don’t know how many […]

So Much Easier For Infusionsoft Users To Take PayPal Payments

I find that my Infusionsoft clients want to take PayPal payments from their customers. Setting up credit card facilities with banks can be a complicated and takes a very long time. So when I found SubscriptionBoss it was the answer I needed – it is cost effective and quickly implemented. Which means my clients can […]

My customers absolutely love paying with PayPal

“I had no idea how much my customers absolutely love paying with PayPal. After I purchased SubscriptionBoss, 90% of the orders I received in the following month were all purchased using PayPal! There’s no telling how many of those sales I would have lost without offering it as a payment option. Russell Jamieson has created […]

Not A Single Missed Payment!

Reliable Allocation of PayPal Recurring Payments to Infusionsoft Invoices I installed the prototype version of SubscriptionBoss back in December 2010 and since then it has processed over onefour hundred orders for Slickr Flickr Pro Edition and allocated over 3001400 payments successfully. The main benefit for me is the payment matching so that recurring payments from […]