Infusionsoft Spring Update Shopping Cart Fix

The Infusionsoft Spring Update changed the rules regarding the display of a PayPal option in the Shopping Cart. Where Has The PayPal Payment Option Gone? Previously there was a Hide PayPal for subscriptions checkbox under Payment Options which you needed to clear to show the PayPal option for subscriptions and payment plans. Now Infusionsoft checks […]

Infusionsoft Spring Update Payment Plan Fix

After the Infusionsoft Spring Update, payment plan creation failed. This problem has been passed to the Infusionsoft Development Team for a bug fix. In the interim, the most helpful Michael Fairchild of Infusionsoft Support promptly came up with a temporary solution that I have verified and then implemented in SubscriptionBoss 1.37. Required Action If you […]

Improvements To PayPal IPN Processing in SubscriptionBoss 1.34

There were a handful of improvements to the algorithm for handling PayPal IPNs. Please note you need to be running at least PHP 5.3 They covered a number of issues: Potential addition of duplicate payments to invoices when either the WordPress site or Infusionsoft was running really slowly Payment dates being in UCT or Greenwich […]

SubscriptionBoss Supports Shopping Cart Themes

The latest version of SubscriptionBoss, 1.32, has some new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlight is support for the new shopping cart themes; however it also has benefits for those shipping physical products. New Shopping Cart Themes With SubscriptionBoss, you can add line of script to your Infusionsoft cart theme so it can handle […]

PayPal IPN Handling Improvements

With SubscriptionBoss 1.31 the PayPal IPN processing was updated in line with the latest PayPal recommendations. A few users have reported issues recently with an increase in the number of duplicate IPNs being sent by PayPal. The resending of the IPNs is symptomatic of the acknowledgements not being received by PayPal in a timely fashion. […]

Payment Driven Orders

What Is A Payment Driven Order? The Payment Driven Orders feature, new in release 1.28 of SubscriptionBoss, integrates PayPal payments, orders and contacts into Infusionsoft for orders that were NOT originated via SubscriptionBoss. These will typically be: pre-existing PayPal subscriptions and recurring payment plans; or new subscriptions set up using PayPal Product or Subscription Buttons […]

Membership Site Has Moved

Over the weekend of 15th-16th September we have moved the membership site onto the same domain as this site: it is now located at All old URLs should be redirected automatically to the new locations. As part of the move, the new release of SubscriptionBoss, 1.23, refers to the new location of the membership […]

SubscriptionBoss 1.21 Release with PayPal IPN Enhancements

There were two main thrusts in the recent release. The first was to prepare the way for the Payment Driven Orders feature; and the second was a number of bug fixes to the integration between Infusionsoft hosted order forms and SubscriptionBoss. PayPal IPN Enhancements The PayPal IPN handling has not changed significantly in the last […]

SubscriptionBoss 1.15 Works With PHP 5.2

This interim release of SubscriptionBoss was primarily about removing the need to upgrade to PHP 5.3. In the last release I used the date_diff() function to calculate the next billing date without appreciating it was part of a new feature only available in PHP 5.3 and later versions. Although PHP 5.3 was launched in June […]

Increase Your Subscription Income With PayPal in Summer 2012

I just wanted to give you a sneak preview into plans for SubscriptionBoss over the summer months. My aim is to drive the plugin forward strongly, making it easier to use, easier to integrate with legacy PayPal agreements without having to cancel and restart them, and automate the process for adding new subscription products. The […]