How To Pass Custom Variables To An External Script

The requirement is to pass some custom fields collected on an order form, have the user pay via PayPal, and then pass those custom fields to an external script so that it can provision the service. An external script is often required if you are not using Membership software such as iMember360 or CustomerHub that […]

How To Enable The SubscriptionBoss Debug Log

If you have problems with connectivity from your WordPress site, either to Infusionsoft, PayPal or the SubscriptionBoss license server then you may want to enable the debug log temporarily to obtain better diagnostics about the problem. The debug log will collect details of all the transactions so for reasons of data security you should periodically […]

Basic Shipping Charges For Physical Products

With SubscriptionBoss 1.17 you now have the ability to set up basic shipping charges for physical products. You can set up a default shipping charge per order and also a country specific charge. Typical Shipping Charge Settings Below is a typical set up for a North American supplier where they want to add a $4.99 […]

PayPal Subscriptions In The Infusionsoft Shopping Cart

In the Infusionsoft shopping cart for single purchases of a subscription or a product with a single or multi stage payment plan, you can now add a PayPal payment option to the shopping cart using SubscriptionBoss 1.14. How To Set Up The PayPal Payment Option On your WordPress site where you have SubscriptionBoss installed then […]

PayPal Payment Option on Infusionsoft Hosted Order Forms

With the improved integration of SubscriptionBoss 1.14 with Infusionsoft, you can now add a PayPal payment option to Infusionsoft hosted order forms. How To Set Up The PayPal Payment Option On your WordPress site where you have SubscriptionBoss installed then select the subscription and enter the URL of the order form in the Infusionsoft Order […]

Imminent SubscriptionBoss Enhancements

The next set of enhancements to SubscriptionBoss satisfies quite a mixed bag of requests that have come up this year since the Winter Release of Infusionsoft. I therefore decided to break it down into 3 releases. SB 1.13 – Minor Enhancements to Order Processing, Affiliate Code handling and IPN processing SB 1.14 – Javascript Swipe […]

How To Set Up PayPal Payment Plans, Subscriptions And Single Payments

This tutorial covers the nine different types of product and subscription set-up that link PayPal Single and Recurring Payments with Infusionsoft products and subscriptions. SubscriptionsBoss allows you to set up the following product and subscription combinations: Single Payment Product with immediate payment Single Payment Product with payment after a free trial period Payment Plan with […]

How To Find The Program ID of a Infusionsoft Subscription

The Program ID is also known as the CProgramID, SubscriptionPlanID or Subscription ID These instructions apply since the e-commerce enhancements to Infusionsoft which took place in January 2012. Click on the Setup menu Click on Products Click on the Subscription Product of interest Click on the Subscription Plans tab to check that it is indeed […]

How To Find The Product Id Of An Infusionsoft Product

Click on the Setup menu Click on Products Click on the Product of interest Note the Product ID which is found at the end of the URL

How To Reprocess PayPal IPNs on SubscriptionBoss

On the Notifications page, click the “Date Processed” column heading. This will bring all your unprocessed IPNs to the top of the list. IMPORTANT: You should not be in a position of having many unprocessed IPNS. SubscriptionBoss tries to reprocess all unprocessed IPNs every time a payment comes in. So if you have old unprocessed […]