What Version of PHP Is Required?

PHP 5.6 as a minimum As PHP 5.5 has reach end of life in July 2016 the minimum supported version of PHP is PHP 5.6. Option One: Ask Your Host Your web host should be able to tell what version of PHP is running on the server. Option Two: Find Out Yourself Also you can […]

Can SubscriptionBoss Handle Single Payments?

Yes. Once you install the plugin you can use it for immediate single payments and delayed single payments. You can also use SubscriptionBoss for payment plans and for recurring payments (subscriptions). There is further information on how to set up various types of payment plans.

How Do I Update SubscriptionBoss To The Latest Version?

Please follow these steps if you have already installed SubscriptionBoss on your site, but your installed version is out of date. Just click the Update Automatically Link on the Plugins page Sometimes due to caching, available updates do not show up immediately. In this case, you can visit the membership site to update to the […]

Is ionCube Required For SubscriptionBoss?

Yes. Your server must be running the ionCube Loader which is available from ionCube as free software and can be downloaded here. For the latest version of SubscriptionBoss you must be running at least ionCube Loader V4.4 although you ideally should run the latest version v4.7 . Most hosts will already have ionCube installed. Some […]

Order Confirmation Pages

What Is Order Confirmation? The Order Confirmation page is where the buyer confirms they want to proceed with the order. It is a pre-order step; it is not a thank you page. If the buyer cancels on this page then there is no order. The page consists of an order summary and a “confirm order” […]

Can I Place My Buy Now Links Anywhere?

Yes you can! You can place links to your subscription payment pages anywhere! That’s one of the advantages of SubscriptionBoss. For example you can place links directly in On your sales pages – anywhere, on WordPress or otherwise Twitter Tweets FaceBook Pages Email Newsletters Email Signatures Web 2.0 Properties Forum Signatures For example in a […]

How Can I Use The SubscriptionBoss Plugin If I Don’t Use WordPress?

You don’t yet use WordPress? Absolutely no problem! The way that SubscriptionBoss has been designed has made it possible for any Infusionsoft user to use the plugin. Please note that InfusionPP is the old name for SubscriptionBoss – they are the same plugin for the purposes of this video You simply create a blank WordPress […]

New Website Launched – SubscriptionBoss

The SubscriptionBoss website was launched today! We’ll be using this blog section to post news and updates about the plugin so please check back, comment or contact us if you need to know something about the plugin that you can’t find on the site. The site will become a comprehensive resource for the plugin over […]

How Do I Cancel My Subscription

One of the things we love about PayPal is the control it gives to the customer. If your plugin subscription was made via PayPal, all you have to do is go into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription. This will result in the plugin license being withdrawn, and your account no longer being charged.

Is The Plugin Encrypted?

Yes – the plugin is encrypted. Since the plugin is dealing with financial transactions between WordPress and PayPal and between WordPress and Infusionsoft then using both code encryption and also HTTPS helps keep your transactions secure.