How Do I Track Completed and Abandoned Sales?

The easiest way to do this is using a URL shortening service as most of these have a tracking capability. Of course if you are trying to track clicks on a website you can use Google Analytics, using the onclick event facility on the link. However, URL shortening services tracking can be used in locations outside of your site.

Maybe you may want to track because you have different leads sources: for example, different websites, Facebook Fan Pages, email campaigns, tweets; or because you have different affiliates that are sending the traffic.

The URL shortening will be able to give you statistics on how many people clicked the link but not whether or not they completed the sale: right now SubscriptionBoss does nothing with any affiliate or tracking codes you pass through in the URL querystring.

Next Release of SubscriptionBoss

In the next release we will pass both the affiliate code and the tracking code through to Infusionsoft on the webform so Infusionsoft can assign the sale to the affiliate and also apply a tracking code that can be used to identify which campaign led to the sale.

Furthermore if you set your order form to use the same URL shortening service for the order thank you page, then you should be able to get all your tracking statistics from one place.

When the plugin is updated to include this tracking feature we will also include a video tutorial of how to set it all up.

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