How Can I Use The SubscriptionBoss Plugin If I Don’t Use WordPress?

You don’t yet use WordPress? Absolutely no problem! The way that SubscriptionBoss has been designed has made it possible for any Infusionsoft user to use the plugin.

Please note that InfusionPP is the old name for SubscriptionBoss – they are the same plugin for the purposes of this video

You simply create a blank WordPress self-hosted installation (, not where you install SubscriptionBoss so the plugin can run and do its magic. All you do is paste the code SubscriptionBoss provides into your existing sales sites so as to display the PayPal button.

We can install WordPress for you, or you can do this yourself.

Lets say your current sales site is located at In this case we would set up a subdomain at say, or use a sub-folder. In fact, even if you do currently use WordPress as your platform of choice, it’s still a good idea to run the plugin on a separate WordPress site because that site can then act as a post office or sorting house for all your PayPal sales, for as many sites as you run through a single Paypal/Infusionsoft account pair.

You don’t need WordPress everywhere – you only need it once, and through that one site – which is only ever seen by you – all your PayPal payments – subscriptions and one off payments and now payment plans too – can be processed.

You will be able to put links for subscriptions not only on any site that you run, but also in Emails, Twitter and Facebook Pages, for example.

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