Custom Payment Pages on PayPal

Today I released a version 0.7 of the SubscriptionBoss plugin with a feature that allows you to specify a Custom Payment Page on PayPal.

You specify the payment page by setting the page style for the subscription in the SubscriptionBoss subscription admin page. The page style you specify in the plugin must match exactly the name you have set up previously in PayPal as shown in the screenshot on the right (you can click it to enlarge it)

With a Custom Payment Page you can create a checkout page on PayPal with a header image, logo image and background colors that mirror your sales sites. This keeps a consistent look as your buyer moves from your sales page to PayPal to make payment before being sent back to the thank you page.

This is particularly useful where you are selling different products on different sites with different brands but using a single PayPal account to take payment.

For example, I have different payment pages for different plugins. The following screenshots show the various steps in setting up a custom payment page

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