Not A Single Missed Payment!

Reliable Allocation of PayPal Recurring Payments to Infusionsoft Invoices

I installed the prototype version of SubscriptionBoss back in December 2010 and since then it has processed over onefour hundred orders for Slickr Flickr Pro Edition and allocated over 3001400 payments successfully.

The main benefit for me is the payment matching so that recurring payments from PayPal are automatically matched with invoices on Infusionsoft. Prior to having the plugin I used to add payments manually and this took around 60 seconds for each payment (e.g find the person, find the subscription, find the outstanding charge, then add a payment setting the date, amount and payment). Right now this saves me around 2 hours each month in total.

The other thing I find really useful is that I am now able to automate the cancellation process – this used to be manual. Now an action set is used to remove access from my membership site and expire the software license.

Russell Jamieson – WordPress Plugin Developer

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