Limited Support For Coupon Codes

Coupon codes only work in a limited fashion.

  1. the coupon code is set up in Infusionsoft and a product or product category discount is created for that coupon code which can be a percentage of the order or a fixed amount
  2. the coupon is always applied – the buyer arrives at the order form and it already shows the full price, the discount and the amount payable
  3. the subscription for the full price product is cloned in SubscriptionBoss and the amount charged and the description are updated to reflect the discount
  4. The URL sent to buyer typical include the promoCode. e.g For example if I wanted to offer you a 30% discount on one of our themes theme I could send you an email with this link – which fills the shopping cart order form with your details and the discount
    They don’t work with

  • multiple items in the shopping cart
  • quantity more than one
  • multiple discounts on the same order
  • user entered coupon code (unless you add some custom code)

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