Canceled Reversal IPN Handling

A PayPal IPN informs SubscriptionBoss when a chargeback has been reversed. This occurs when a dispute is resolved in your favor. As the vendor, you have been paid, then had the payment reversed and now PayPal is reverting by canceling the reversal.

Up to to SubscriptionBoss v1.45.1 these canceled reversals IPNs were ignored.

From v1.45.2 onwards, SubscriptionBoss applies the payment to Infusionsoft if it can find both the original payment and the reversal.

On Infusionsoft you see the charge, then 3 transactions on the payments section:

  1. the original payment,
  2. the chargeback
  3. and the payment again

The payment description for each will show the Transaction ID, Transaction ID (reversed) and Transaction ID (canceled reversal), respectively.

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