Payment Plan Expiry Notification

PayPal now informs SubscriptionBoss when a payment plan has expired.

You can now specify an action set, which SubscriptionBoss will run when notified of the payment plan expiry by PayPal.

More About Subscription Expiry

For the sake of clarity:

  • The timing of this event is when the final payment in a payment plan is due
  • In an example of a payment plan with 3 monthly payments then the payment plan will expire at the START of the third month
  • The event does not indicate the final payment has been made
  • PayPal will use a separate notification message to indicate whether the final payment is successful or not
  • The expiry event will only take place for fixed length subscriptions. Open-ended subscriptions will not generate expiry events
  • The subscription expiry event does NOT take place if either the buyer or vendor cancels on PayPal.
  • Cancellation is notified by a different message and SubscriptionBoss will activate a different action set in Infusionsoft

Possible Use Of The Expiry Actions

The event indicates the member is coming to the end of a series of payments. The objective could be to get feedback on the service that has been consumed and possibly to upsell them with a new service, downsell them to a maintenance service or to continue them on the same service.

My preferred approach is to have the expiry action set just do one thing: set a specific service_x_expiring tag and have this tag trigger a campaign sequence.

The campaign sequence can contain timers, delays and send emails to lead the member to the desired service renewal path.

How To Set The Expiry Action Set

Set up the action set in Infusionsoft and and note its number.

Edit the subscription in SubscriptionBoss and then add the number under Payment Profile Expiry actions in the Payment Events section.

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