SubscriptionBoss 1.45 Requires Latest IonCube Loader

SubscriptionBoss 1.45 is ready for release.

Latest IonCube Loader 6.x Required

Please note that SubscriptionBoss 1.45 uses the latest IonCube Encoder and therefore IonCube Loader 6.x is required. The legacy IonCube Loader 4.x is unable to run the latest version of the plugin so you must ensure you are running IonCube loader 6.x BEFORE trying to update the plugin to v1.45.

You can use the IonCube loader wizard to help choose the correct version for your server.

Furthermore PHP 5.5 has reached end of life in July 2016 and security and bug fixes are no longer available. Therefore we strongly recommend you upgrade your web server to PHP 5.6. With the advent of WordPress 4.6, it is recommended you run at least PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.6.

If you are on new hosting you are probably okay as you will already be on PHP 5.6 pr PHP 7.0 however if you have old hosting, on a VPS or dedicated platform, you are likely to need to take some action.

New Feature: Payment Profile Expiry Actions

PayPal now informs SubscriptionBoss when a payment plan has expired.

Please see More About Payment Plan Expiry

Enhanced Multi-currency Support

SubscriptionBoss now has cross-currency support which means you can take payment in multiple currencies and be able to use a currency other than USD as your Infusionsoft currency.

For more see Cross currency support in SubscriptionBoss.

Infusionsoft Form Handling Improvements

There are a few improvements to order form and cart theme handling. These are in regard to pre-filling fields (email, name, company, etc), using a hidden promo code for offer a discount, and adding a hook to make it easier to override price points. Separate posts will be created to demonstrate use of each of these features.

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