How To Set Up A One Dollar 30 Day Trial

​Infusionsoft does not allow a $1 trial so this is implemented as a bundle of a monthly subscription with a 30 day Free Trial and a $1 product.

Shopping Cart With Free Trial Promotion

This is what the shopping cart looks like. Click any image below to view an enlarged screenshot.

Subscription Product

How To Set Up A Paid Trial

Infusionsoft Subscription Setup

Under E-commerce > Products set up the Monthly Subscription as Subscription only with a subscription plan showing the monthly amount and note the SubscriptionPlanId on the Links tab. In our example, our test subscription is ten cents per month

Subscription Product
Subscription Plan
Subscription Links

Infusionsoft Trial Product Setup

Under E-commerce > Products set up a Product as a $1 30 day trial at a price on $1 and note the product ID from the URL.

Trial Product

Infusionsoft Free Trial

Under E-commerce > Promotions set up a 30 day free trial and attach it to your monthly subscription and associate it with a promo code such as 30DAY.

Trial Product

Infusionsoft Bundle Link

Under E-commerce > Products > Bundle Links

Trial Product

SubscriptionBoss Subscription Set Up

On WordPress under SubscriptionBoss > Subscriptions add a new subscription and assign it a $1 initial charge linked to the $1 free trial product, and a recurring charge linked to the Infusionsoft subscription Plan with a billing delay of 30 days. Also set up a Thank You page URL.

Initial Charges
Recurring Charges

On a real subscription you will likely want to specify the action sets you will use to

  1. provision the service
  2. process failed payments
  3. process successful payment
  4. process refunds
  5. process cancellations

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