Problems Logging In To The Members Support Forum


I can login to the /members/wp-login.php but when I click on the support forum, it looks like I’m not logged in. It recognizes me as guest.


The support forum is implemented as a plugin so if you can log in to WordPress you are also logged into the forum.

It is most likely a caching issue in your browser. Your browser is remembering you once tried to access the forum when not logged in and is just serving that page

​If you login first at BEFORE visiting the forum this guest access will not happen

​Also easy tip to break the cache (other than clearing all your browsing history) is to add ?x=something to the URL

​So try where x or y can be anything – this is a new page to the browser and hence it will access the web server and hence show you the logged-in version of the page or not the version from the cache

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