Infusionsoft And PayPal Subscriptions

The Infusionsoft implementation for PayPal Subscriptions requires PayPal “Reference Transactions” which allows the vendor to take any amount of money at any time from an buyer’s account (up to USD10,000 per transaction).

​There are a couple of major problems with this:

​1) PayPal don’t grant the Reference Transactions capability without a lot of scrutiny of the applicant. There is a lengthy compliance process that considers the age of the account, the reputation, the niche, the refund rate, the value of the customer to PayPal and in what country it is operating.. So the majority of PayPal vendors are not actually eligible for this feature

​2) Buyers may not want to use PayPal in this way as it gives up control over their PayPal account. One of reasons precisely why users choose PayPal is because they can control every new agreement. By buying via a reference transaction they need to give up that control.

​SubscriptionBoss uses normal PayPal Recurring Payments and hence it is available to all Business and Premium PayPal users.

Other Advantages Of SubscriptionBoss

SubscriptionBoss has better support for payment failures, cancellation and refunds​.

It now has multi-currency support which can save up to 4% of sales on PayPal FX fees (and the buyer can save up to 4% as well too)

​Support for Stripe, 2Checkout and Braintree Payments is in the pipeline.

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