PayPal Payment Option Has Disappeared After The Spring Update

After the Infusionsoft Spring 2014 update the PayPal payment option may disappear from your order forms.

There are 2 ways to put it back. You will need to use the second method if you are using a PayPal certificate instead of a PayPal signature for your Express Checkout API.

  • Set up PayPal Express Checkout in Infusionsoft
  • Enable addition of PayPal option on SubscriptionBoss

Setting Up PayPal Express Checkout On Infusionsoft

This is just a matter of fetching your PayPal API username, password and signature and saving them under E-commerce Setup > Payment Types

Screenshot of Infusionsoft E-Commerce Payment Types

Enabling The PayPal Button On SubscriptionBoss

Go to SubscriptionBoss Settings and in the Infusionsoft Form Settings section click the Add PayPal checkbox then Save Settings

Screenshot of SubscriptionBoss Settings for Infusionsoft Forms

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