I Need The Site To Go Live Tomorrow – Can You Help?

Getting the site live quickly with the ability to take payment via PayPal for Infusionsoft Subscriptions is possible if you make the necessary preparations. It involves a bit of learning and possibly some software installations or upgrades and some configuration in Infusionsoft.

SSL Certificate

The first thing is to establish whether or not you need a SSL certificate. A typical host will take between 4 and 48 hours to set up an SSL certificate.

For installations where the integration is via Infusionsoft order forms/shopping cart which gives out-of-the-box integration with the Infusionsoft affiliate system, you will need an SSL certificate on the WordPress site where the plugin is installed

For more see do I need an SSL certificate? and where do I install SubscriptionBoss?

Infusionsoft Preparation

If you already have your sales funnel and campaign in place for credit cards then the setup will go faster as you will have most of the hooks in place:

  • Products/Subscriptions
  • Order Forms or Shopping cart themes
  • Campaigns – that turn a prospect into a customer
  • Tags – for members, ex-members, payment events
  • Action Sets – for order success, order failure
  • Email – welcome emails, cancellation warnings and confirmations, payment failure notifications
  • Thank you pages

WordPress Preparation

Here are a few posts to look at to help you get started and get the environment prepped if required:

SubscriptionBoss Setup

The follow posts provide more information on how you integrate SubscriptionBoss with Infusionsoft for your subscriptions and payment plans.

Access Requirements

You will need login access to

  • PayPal
  • Infusionsoft
  • the WordPress site
  • cPanel if you are using PayPal API certificates rather than API signatures

How Long Will SubscriptionBoss Take To Install?

We run a shared session over Skype or GoToMeeting.

The fastest install was 45 minutes, 60 to 120 minutes is typical depending on the number of subscriptions and the amount of training that is taking place during the session.

You will get most out of the session if you have also logged in at the SubscriptionBoss Membership site and looked at the Six Step Setup in advance of the session.

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