What Type Of PayPal Account Do I Need?

Account Type

You can use SubscriptionBoss with either a Business or a Premier PayPal account. You cannot use SubscriptionBoss with a Personal PayPal Account.

Screenshot of PayPal dashboard page

You need to have a Business or Premier PayPal Account in order to be able to use PayPal Express Checkout which is the mechanism the plugin uses to take payment.

PayPal do not charge to upgrade to a Business or Premier PayPal Account; all you need to do is go through some further validation steps with PayPal as regards the ownership of the account.

PayPal Payment Services

Also SubscriptionBoss works with either PayPal Website Payments Standard (which is free), Paypal Website Payments Pro or PayPal Payflow Pro (neither of which is free)

PayPal API

SubscriptionBoss uses the PayPal Express Checkout API; it does NOT use the PayPal Adaptive Payments API so it cannot split payments with direct contributions to multiple vendors or pay commissions directly through PayPal.

With SubscriptionBoss you need to use the Infusionsoft Affiliate system to handle affiliate payments.

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