My Main Site Is Joomla Can I Use SubscriptionBoss?

You can leave your existing sales site on Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress or even Facebook and set up a separate WordPress installation to act as gateway between PayPal and Infusionsoft.

Installation Options

About 10% of our clients use SubscriptionBoss in this way where it is installed as part of a dedicated WordPress installation in either in a subfolder, or a subdomain of the main site or on a separate domain entirely. For example:

  • Sub-folder –
  • Sub-domain –
  • Separate domain –

One Gateway Can Service Multiple Sales Sites

As long as the same Paypal and InfusionSoft accounts are used the gateway can serve one or more sales sites.

If you are using the Infusionsoft shopping cart or Infusionsoft hosted order forms then you will need to put an SSL certificate on the host/subdomain where SubscriptionBoss is installed in order to secure the data passed between Infusionsoft and SubscriptionBoss.

Choosing A WordPress Theme

If you do NOT use Order Confirmation pages then the buyer never lands on the gateway site (unless PayPal is unavailable) and hence you can use any theme

Only if you use Order Confirmation Pages (where the user reviews the order on returning from PayPal before clicking the Buy Button) will the buyer actually land of this site. In the case where you are servicing multiple brands, then you may want to be able to have different page headers on each order confirmation page to reflect those different brands. In which case choose a WordPress theme that makes it easy to give each page its own style.

Help Setting Up SubscriptionBoss

If you would like some help in deciding on where to set up SubscriptionBoss please post in the support forum

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