What Emails Do I Need To Create For A Subscription?

Several events occur during the lifetime of a subscription: from order through payment failures, temporary service suspensions and resumptions, through to cancellation.

Typically you will want to communicate these events to the subscriber so he or she can take appropriate action.

Here are the emails you may want to consider creating and a flavor of what they might contain:

Welcome Email

Here are your login details / if you need help contact us at … / you will receive access to the following services …

Order Pending Email (optional)

You have decided to pay by e-check so your payment may not be cleared for up to 5 days. In the meantime your access will be restricted to …

It is up to you if and how you want to handle e-checks: whether to grant full or partial or no access at the time of order, or wait until the e-check clears before granting access.

Order Failure Email (optional)

You tried to order but we were unable to take payment

Deferred Cancellation Email

We confirm you have cancelled – no further charges will be made – your access to the service will be removed at the end of the billing period

Cancellation Now Email

We confirm you have cancelled – no further charges will be made – service will be removed immediately as you current payment is overdue.

You will want to cancel the subscription immediately if they are already in payment failure which means they have not paid yet in the current billing cycle and now consuming the service free of charge

First Payment Failure Email

We failed to take payment, we will try again in 5 days, please review the funding of your PayPal account

Second Payment Failure Email

We failed to take payment, we will try again one more time in 5 days, we will suspend service on a further failure

Third Payment Failure Email

Please contact us as a matter of urgency to arrange payment to continue your service otherwise we will cancel your account within 48 hours

Service Resumption Email (Optional)

We have received your payment and have restored your access to ….

You might want to send this email if you removed service after the second failure and they have now paid.

Administration Cancellation Instruction

Please cancel the X subscription for contact Y.

This email sent to your administrator to make cancellation of membership. You may want to have the administrator call the member first. If the order is via credit card then the admin will go into Infusionsoft and run your Subscription Cancel Now action set, if it is a PayPal order then the admin will go to PayPal and cancel the Profile there which in turn will trigger the Subscription Cancel Now action set.

This action set will typically cancel the order, remove membership or customer tags to remove access to the service, add “ex-member” tags, and move the member from a members campaign or follow up sequence to a prospect campaign, before finally emailing confirmation of cancellation to the ex-member

Do I Need Different Versions Of Each Of The Above Emails For Each Subscription?


If your members do NOT consume multiple services you may be able to use the same email templates for different subscriptions by employing suitable generic wording such as your subscription.

Also you may want to send out 1st, 2nd and 3rd payment failure emails for credit cards as well as PayPal. You can do this in the Billing Automation section on Infusionsoft.

If you do not want to double up on the payment failure emails, you can simply replace the “5 days” in the PayPal email by “a few days” in the First Payment Failure and second payment Failure email. Infusionsoft retries credit card failures every 2-3 days.

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