How Are Echecks Handled?


What happens to PayPal buyers who pay via echeck? What happens if the echeck failed?

Right now we have one case who paid via echeck and so far the payment got posted in infusionsoft so he gets access to our membership site, but we want to know what happens if the e-check didn’t clear or failed after a few days.


PayPal sets the payment as pending, then 3-5 days later the payment comes in as completed or failed and PayPal notifies SubscriptionBoss of this by a second IPN

SB creates the initial order and invoice but does not apply a payment as it is not cleared. SB does NOT trigger the Order Success event, but instead it may trigger the Order Pending event if one has been defined.

Several days later, the payment success event will be triggered if the the payment arrives; the payment failure event will be triggered if PayPal reports the payment has failed.

Order Pending Action Set

On SubscriptionBoss Subscriptions, in the Infusionsoft Order Actions section you can specify an “Order Pending Action Set:”. This allows you to control what you want to do. You may want to grant access immediately, or you may want to delay access until the payment has cleared or you may want to give limited access to the membership site. e.g. maybe one piece of content, and only give full access when the payment is cleared.

Screenshot of setting the actions to trigger on an e-check order

Your Existing Order

The behavior has been as described above since version 1.28 which was released in April. You are currently running 1.27 which was before the Order Pending action set was introduced. The older versions had a bug as I had not yet appreciated the behavior of echecks at that time. SB applied the pending payment as if the payment were completed.

For this specific order, on SubscriptionBoss check the Notifications page and see if the second IPN has arrived. If it has, then take appropriate action based on whether it shows the payment as completed or failed. If it has not, then go into Infusionsoft and delete the payment.

Handling E-checks Automatically

Please upgrade to the latest version for correct handling e-check orders. This will allow you to set up an Order Pending Action Set. This can simply set an appropriate tag on the contact that triggers a campaign sequence.

If you have enough of these e-checks to make it worthwhile then you could set up three campaign sequences, triggered by the tags echeckorderpending, echeckordercompleted and echeckorderfailed respectively. Each campaign sequence can then send the member the relevant email and perform the necessary tagging or HTTP posts to control access to the membership site.

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