What If I Need A Feature That’s Not In The Plugin?

You can let us know what you need and if we think the feature will be of general benefit to users, we will add it to our development schedule and if approved, you will receive the enhancement to the plugin in a future release.

The features we have added for users so far are:

  • Added Secondary IPN Listener for Todd
  • Added Refund Action Set Invocation for Todd
  • Extended payment matching to handle multiple products orders for Sean
  • Added API Certificates for Eric

All of the above enhancements were implemented within a week of the request being raised.

We are happy to add new features to the plugin at no cost providing they are of general benefit. If a feature is too specialized or beyond the scope of the plugin then we will mostly likely propose a standalone solution and will provide you with a quotation if we believe we can be of help.

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