How Can I Integrate Premise with Infusionsoft?


I am using Premise for my membership site. I’m also using a third-party InfusionSoft integration plugin to pass back various information but after conversations with the plugin developer and Infusionsoft, it seems to breakdown when it comes to passing and attributing any sales information to referral partners

I thought I’d get in touch in case a) SubscriptionBoss could provide a solution or b) If you have come across Premise before and know of a workaround for this sort of thing Appreciate any input you might have.


I have come across Premise before. It is not the best membership site software by some distance however it is GPL, and good value for money. Some time ago I looked through the code in some depth and thought about how to integrate it. It was non-trivial so I choose another membership site solution instead. Below is not a proven solution – just a couple of ideas of how you could integrate Premise and Infusionsoft with SubscriptionBoss.

There are two approaches – one is to slip the affiliate code into the existing order, and then process the PayPal IPN to provide the integration with Infusionsoft; the other is to drive the order though Infusionsoft via a custom Premise Member Access Gateway, which is probably what your plugin is doing?

Option A: Payment Driven Orders

The easiest way to integrate is to use the SubscriptionBoss feature called “Payment Driven Orders”. In the current version of SubscrptionBoss it will not solve the problem of the referral code as the referral code is not being passed to PayPal and hence to SubscriptionBoss so a little further development would required to add support for referral programs.

Premise Setup

Set up as usual.

SubscriptionBoss Setup

  • Set up IPN forwarding so PayPal IPNs get sent through to the Premise IPN listener as well
  • Enable Payment Driven Orders
  • Set up order matching rules for each subscription (e.g. item_name=GoldMembership)
  • How It Would Work

    • New member buys
    • First Payment IPN gets sent to SubscriptionBoss
    • SB matches IPN to determine Subscription and sets up contact if required, makes subscription order if required, create invoice if required and matches payment to invoice, and runs action set if required
    • SB sends this IPN and subsequent IPNs on to Premise so it can do its stuff

    Potential Issues

    • If you have a free trial period then there will be a delay before SB and IS learns about the member when the first payment happens – I could fix this is the next release so SB also creates orders when the Payment Profile is created, not just on payment
    • It does not work for referral code right now – although you could fix this by adding a custom field with the affiliate code into the PayPal order by changing the _process_order method. In SubscriptionBoss I would also need to add a matching rule for fetching the affiliate code as part of the Payment Driven Orders processing so I could pull the affiliate code out of the PayPal IPN and create the order with the correct lead and sale affiliate

    Option B: Infusionsoft Member Access Gateway

    With this approach you create a custom Member Access Gateway. It is a variant of the existing PayPal gateway. The _process_order function is changed significantly as it needs to interact with SubscriptionBoss and not PayPal.

    Firstly it captures the affiliate code which I presume is available in a cookie or in the current URL. What is does next is send the buyer to SubscriptionBoss with the affiliate code on the URL. SB will ensure the resulting order is an affiliate order.

    The order success action set will include a HTTP post to the member access gateway which will cause the complete_sale event to run on the gateway which will set up the membership access. Premise will behave from this point on as if it is a normal PayPal order.

    As with the above option you also need to enable the secondary IPN listener so SB sends the recurring payment IPNs to the custom gateway. In this way, the gateway extends the membership each month or cancels as required. The code for this will be identical to the existing “MemberAccess_Paypal_Gateway” so implementing this bit of functionality is pretty much cut and paste.

    Please let me know you experiences of integrating Premise and Infusionsoft by commenting below.

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