SubscriptionBoss 1.15 Works With PHP 5.2

This interim release of SubscriptionBoss was primarily about removing the need to upgrade to PHP 5.3.

In the last release I used the date_diff() function to calculate the next billing date without appreciating it was part of a new feature only available in PHP 5.3 and later versions. Although PHP 5.3 was launched in June 2009 and it has been the preferred release of PHP for over 18 months, many websites are still operating under PHP 5.2.

In this release SubscriptionBoss now checks the version of PHP and calculates the next billing date without using the date_diff() function if that function is not available. This means that there is now no need to upgrade to PHP 5.3 if you want to get all those cool order integration features that were launched in SB 1.14 and of course are retained in SB 1.15.

Version Checking

While I was dealing with version management I decided to add some more information to the SubscriptionBoss admin page to check both the installed and available versions of the plugin and the installed and required versions of PHP. A warning message is displayed if you are running an earlier version of PHP than is required by the installed version of SubscriptionBoss

Screenshot of SubscriptionBoss version checks

There is also a link that allows you to check immediately for a new plugin release; normally this check is done once a day and the result cached for reasons of performance. This allows you to upgrade the plugin as soon as you have been notified that a new release is available.

Payment Processing For Products Ordered Via WebForms

Almost all users are now using the API method for orders however a few were still using method 2, the webform method. From 1.13 there was bug that meant that payments for products were not being matched against invoices and hence were left unprocessed. This has now been fixed in 1.15 and the backlog of unprocessed product payments will be processed automatically when the next payment is processed.

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