PayPal Payment Option on Infusionsoft Hosted Order Forms

With the improved integration of SubscriptionBoss 1.14 with Infusionsoft, you can now add a PayPal payment option to Infusionsoft hosted order forms.

How To Set Up The PayPal Payment Option

  1. On your WordPress site where you have SubscriptionBoss installed then select the subscription and enter the URL of the order form in the Infusionsoft Order Form section then press the Update Subscription button
  2. Scroll down to the Help area and in the Infusionsoft Order Forms section copy the javascript code and then paste it into the Page Footer section of the order form on Infusionsoft.
  3. IMPORTANT: if you have an SSL certificate installed on your WordPress site then replace the http by https in the last line of the copied code – this stops the browser from issuing a warning message when the order form is sent to the plugin.

How The Infusionsoft Order Form Behavior Is Changed

The scripts you have copied provide the following functions:

  • Adds a Payment Method section to the order form so the buyer can choose to pay by either Credit Card or PayPal
  • Hides the Credit Card Information section if the user selects to pay with PayPal
  • Validates the form and shows error messages about missing or invalid fields in the Contact Information section and the Billing Information sections if you have specified that these must be provided in the Extra Order Information section of the Subscription definition of SubscriptionBoss
  • Send the form to the SubscriptionBoss plugin instead of Infusionsoft if the buyer elects to pay by PayPal and has completed all the required information

Screenshots on WordPress and Infusionsoft

Setting Up The Subscription On SubscriptionBoss

Edit the Subscription and update the Infusionsoft Order Form Section with the URL of the order from from Infusionsoft as follows:

Screenshot of setting up the Infusionsoft Order Form details on SubscriptionBoss

Copying the Swipe Code From SubscriptionBoss

Having hit the Update Subscription button scroll down to the Help Section and copy the JavaScript as follows:

Screenshot of copying the swipe javascript code

Adding Swipe Copy To Infusionsoft Order Form Page Footer

Log in to Infusionsoft, edit the Order Form and paste the code into the page footer having clicked on the Source tab.

Screenshot of adding swipe copy to page footer

Payment Method Section Added To The Order Form

Note that there is now a Payment Method section before the Credit Card information.

Screenshot of Order Form with Payment Method Section

Order Form Validation – Contact Info Required

The order form will provide validation of contact and address information if you sepcify that this information is required in the Extra Order Information section on SubscriptionBoss
Screenshot of validation of contact information

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