Infusionsoft E-Commerce Enhancements

The latest release of Infusionsoft with the E-Commerce Enhancements is being rolled out in January 2012. Some users have had the changes applied to their Infusionsoft application already; others have not. You can find out if you have been updated by looking in the Set-up Menu for “Subscription Programs”: if you can see this entry immediately below “Products” you still have the old version; if there is only “Products” and no “Subscription Programs” then you have been upgraded.

The new release merges Products and Subscriptions so that every subscription now has a ‘parent’ product. Infusionsoft has not yet documented how this affects invoices.

These undocumented changes have had a negative impact on SubscriptionBoss in the matching of PayPal payments against invoices.

SubscriptionBoss relied on the Infusionsoft invoice referring to the subscription in the ProductSold field (e.g c14 meant Subscription number 14). With the new release the Infusionsoft Invoice has the product ID rather than the Subscription ID in the ProductSold field (e.g 212 with no “c” or “p” prefix ) where the value is the ID of the new product which is the “parent product” of the subscription. We believe these new products were created automatically by Infusionsoft as part of the upgrade process.

Therefore I need to change the SubscriptionBoss code to interpret ProductSold as :-

  • a product when it has a “p” prefix
  • a subscription when it has a “c” prefix
  • or as a product (which may or may not have a subscription plan) when there is no prefix.

I am seeking clarification from Infusionsoft on what database changes have been made so I am able to link the new (parent) product id to the old CProgram/Subscription Id and hence be able to assign the payment to the correct invoice. I expect to get a release out in the next few days.

Once you have installed the new release it will automatically re-process the “unprocessed” (unmatched) payments and it should then just allocate them against the correct invoices.

The new release will have a few other features:

  • support for collecting shipping addresses from PayPal – useful for physical products
  • automatic secondary licence server failover if the primary server is down
  • latest Infusionsoft API iSDK – released on the 3rd January by Justin Gourley

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