How Do PayPal Refunds Work On SubscriptionBoss?

There are two type of refunds and they work in different ways.

Product Refunds – Fully Automatic

In the case where the buyer is refunded for a product purchase then a payment credit is added to the invoice automatically by plugin.

When viewing the invoice on Infusionsoft you will see two entries: one for amount X of type “PayPal” and another of amount -X of type “Credit”.

The amount outstanding will show as the full value of the invoice.

It depends on how the individual affiliate is set up as to whether a commission clawback is generated. (e.g commission payable on order or on customer payment)

Subscription Refunds – Configurable

In the case where a subscription payment is refunded then you can set up for an action set to be called. This allows you to have the action set ‘decide’ what to do.

Future Capabilities

I am open to ideas and suggestions as to whether or not the plugin should do more or less automatic processing of refunds.

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